Foster City, Grey Water Rebate Policy initiative 2021

HAT? We propose a $100 rebate for the residents of Foster City that encourages the reuse of greywater. Grey Water is the water after the washing machine cycle completes. This is safe for plants and can be used as a water source in your garden and potted plants. $100 can be used to purchase a 50 gallon barrel with a hose attachment and a hose.


HY? The water bill in Foster City is rising every year. Families can spend up to $250 once every two months for water and sewer charges. Additionally, water usage is up by 21% during COVID. We want to encourage water and greywater reuse. You can save up 133 gallons of water (assuming 7 loads a week for a typical washing machine cycle.) Many cities in the Bay area including Santa Clara offer rebates to their citizens for greywater reuse.


OW? Foster City offers $100 rebate to families who purchase a barrel with a hose attachment and a hose The barrel must be used to collect greywater from a washing machine The hose should be connected to the barrel to irrigate plants

Presenting to the Foster City Mayor and Council
Statistical Paper that seeded the initiative