Public Policies
Food Banks
Kids Taught
Sustainable Investments for Women
Microfinance Reinvestments
Kits Distributed

olicy For Good is works to raise student awareness, influence public policy and develop practical solutions to problems that intersect environment and neuroscience. We research issues, run seminars, raise awareness in city councils and raise funds to support women entrepreneurs in countries impacted by changes to the environment.


e work with to libraries and teach to kids about sustainability. We also distribute grow kits. 


e work with to city councils and government representatives to support environmental sustainability.


aise funds to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries that have been hit hard by climate change. Women are the significantly impacted by climate change compared to men.


each elementary and middle school children to know more about sustainability and the impact of environment change.


istribute "Plant in A Box" Kits to elementary and middle school children. Each kit contains seeds, growing supplies, neuro environmental education materials and a fun sticker.